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Gadgets for Women on the Go

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Looking for a few sought-after gadgets for the women on the go? Read on to learn about the top five gadgets that will enhance your day-to-day life. They will make sure your gadgets are fully charged, as well as helping you arrive to that important pow-wow in a timely fashion.
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Whether you are running your business or your home, gadgets do not need to be pink or sparkly to appeal—they just need to be sleek and make our lives easier.

It’s no surprise that the key go-to gadget is a smartphone or tablet. It’s incredible how we can get so much work done on our phones nowadays. Business enhancing apps on a smartphone, such as Evernote, Square and EchoSign can skyrocket productivity as you sit at a coffee shop or commute on a train.

As you might imagine, women dominate in purchasing power within the top three consumer electronic categories, as they are more likely to buy a tablet, laptop and smartphone. For women, it’s important that the device is easy to use and according to Mashable, women have bought an average of 4.7 consumer electronics products in 2010, whereas men purchased an average of 4.2 products.

Let’s take look at a few other sought-after gadgets. They will enhance your day-to-day life by making sure your gadgets are fully charged and ready to go, as well as helping you arrive to that important pow-wow in a timely fashion.

  1. Noon Solar Bag ($433) - Noon’s Linden bag makes charging devices easy. The stylish looking bag has a paper thin solar panel that charges its battery, located inside the bag, for up to 8 hours on a sunny day. Concerned cloudy weather won’t charge your gadgets? Not to worry. Even on a cloudy day energy is collected through the UV light of the sun and can hold the sun’s energy for several days. It’s not yet able to charge laptops, but get ready to check off your cellphone or ipod from the list. You can charge the bag’s battery by setting it by your window at work, home or car. If you’re active outside, leave the panel exposed as your make your way around town. A unique feature of the bag is that it is each design is one of a kind. They embrace the individuality and beauty of natural dye so you can feel confident no one else will have the same look.
  2. Audiovox inSite Separation Alarm ($29.99) - Do you always seem to misplace your keys, tablet, or worse—your smartphone? It happens in the life of a busy woman. The Audiovox inSite Separation Alarm is described as an anti-loss smart alarm and will attach to most items. It has a slim design, so you wouldn’t have to worry about another item weighing down your bag. The Audiovox inSite Separation Alarm uses Bluetooth® technology and will send you a text alert to your smartphone once the item is more than 60 feet from you. You also have the option of looking up the last seen GPS location of your item. Wouldn’t that save you tons of time from running around your home or office as you rush out the door? The bonus with this item is that there are no monthly service fees. Take note, this is only available for the iPad and iPhone 4 and higher.
  3. Portable Charger: Innergie PocketCell ($59.99) - How often do you find yourself at a conference and notice that your phone’s battery is at 10% by lunchtime? That is the story of my life. Luckily, it’s easy to pull out the The Innergie PocketCell™ to fully charge your smartphone (as well as a colleague’s) and save you from missing a recording of a speech or quickly snapping photos. It’s so compact — no larger than a travel size tube of toothpaste, so you can easily keep it in your purse or pocket. Innergie products minimize power loss and arrive at an overall efficiency rating of 90% or above, and they also offer a generous three year warranty. If you don’t feel like splurging on the large solar charging bag, this is the perfect compact solution for you.
  4. Mobile Hotspots (Prices vary) - Imagine you’re traveling for work and you find yourself looking for Wi-Fi to update a proposal or other important document. In most cases you’ll get lucky and find a coffee shop with free access, but it never fails when you have something very important to work on, Wi-Fi cannot be found. That’s when having a mobile hotspot comes in handy. Verizon’s Jetpack® is a small compact design and offers fast 4G LTE access to your connected devices. You can also offer a lifeline to a friend, since it allows connection for up to 10 Wi–Fi enabled devices. AT&T offers the MiFi® Liberate and provides 11 hours of continuous use. With a 2.8” color touch screen, it will allow you to easily manage data usage, media sharing and more. T-Mobile’s Sonic 2.0 Mobile Hotspot offers 32 GB of expandable memory that will allow your device to store extra music, movies and more. Sprint’s mobile MiFi™ is compact and allows for internet access up to five devices. The one-touch setup will guarantee the internet from your laptop or tablet, as well as responding to emails.
  5. GPS by TeleNav Plus ($.99) -  You’ll absolutely want to make this your go-to GPS navigation. This smartphone app comes highly acclaimed, has won awards and is known to provide better directions than Google Maps. What is notable about the app is that it will help you avoid traffic jams with real-time traffic alerts and intelligent rerouting. All the driving around while on the go will be sure to empty your gas tank. The GPS by TeleNav Plus has a built-in cheap gas price finder, so there’s no need to toggle through apps while driving. If you pay $9.99 for the year, the app will unlock the voice navigation and commands, so you can navigate hands free. Also, for all you speed racers, the app will alert you of speed traps and red light cameras in the area. All-in-all, this app provides more than just directions to your next meeting; it makes life easier by offering necessary warnings on the road.
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