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An Overview of A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare

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Dwight McNeill introduces his book, A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare: What Can Be Learned from the Best Practices in Retail, Banking, Politics, and Sports, in which he explains that healthcare can learn a lot from other industries.
This chapter is from the book
  • This book is about discovering ideas in faraway places and building bridges to welcome them home.


Ideas matter. They are the seeds from which innovations grow. Innovating to achieve competitive differentiation is the top business challenge today. And analytics is the high-octane fuel to power innovations to achieve business breakthroughs.

The premise of this book is that healthcare can learn a lot from other industries. Industries develop deep and unique strengths in certain areas and get very proficient in the associated analytics. Other industries that do not experience the same set of forces do not develop these analytics capabilities. They are blinded from them and their potential performance is constrained. This book provides a guided tour of industries that are somewhat mysterious to healthcare, including retail, banking, politics, and sports. The express purpose is to harvest some ideas and build a bridge to adapt them in healthcare. Indeed, the best analytics from these industries provide insights to address some of the most intractable challenges in healthcare.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is the discovery process to harvest analytics sweet spots from the four industries. The second part is the distillation and interpretation of the sweet spots into the most compelling healthcare analytics adaptations. The third part provides a roadmap for putting ideas into action and a model to evaluate the adoptability of the healthcare adaptations.

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