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Core Tactics to Connect with Customers in Healthcare Sales

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This chapter introduces core strategies that will strengthen your ability to connect with prospects and deepen existing High-Return Relationships.
This chapter is from the book

These core tactics include the following:

  • Learn to laser-focus
  • Adopt a sense of urgency
  • Do your research
  • Project an agendaless presence
  • Specialize in nonverbal communication
  • Write—and write some more

Learn to Laser-Focus

When you laser-focus on a specific goal—whether it’s garnering more patient referrals or introducing a new product to the healthcare marketplace—you must give 100 percent of your attention, energy, and creative power to make it happen. The same is true when you laser-focus on a High-Return Relationship. By pushing aside any distractions—cellphones, email, the argument you had with your boyfriend last night, the to-do list scrolling in your head—you free your brain to work its wonders. This means grounding yourself completely in the here and now, totally present to take full advantage of the sales opportunity at hand.

Laser-focusing your energy on the High-Return Relationship includes watching and listening with a burning desire to learn more, to understand better so that you can strengthen your bond. It means looking and listening for the real emotion, meaning, and motivation behind words and actions, and responding with empathy and sincerity. Laser-focusing your energy also entails creating and maintaining written Relationship Development Plans with specific goals and deadlines (more on this topic in Chapter 6, “Strategy No. 5: Write Relationship Development Plans”).

When you laser-focus your creativity to grow the High-Return Relationship, as outlined in the Relationship Development Plan, you tap into the unlimited power of your imagination to conceive out-of-the-box concepts and mutually rewarding solutions. What client wouldn’t want to do business with a healthcare sales professional who serves up the most innovative ideas—especially if those ideas are targeted specifically at meeting that client’s individualized needs on multiple levels? Your creativity also enables you to blur the line between work and play, to add more fun to the mix.

Above all, by focusing your full attention, energy, and creative power on cultivating the High-Return Relationship, you light the spark of explosive rapport. This is the harmony you create with another person through the presence you project, what you say and what you don’t say, what you do and what you don’t do. An emotional connection, this harmony is the heartbeat of High-Return Relationships.

  • “I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention.”
  • —Diane Sawyer1
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