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XML's Future in Content Management

As a linking technology for content-management vendors, XML is undergoing a fundamental change in its association to other standards. The role of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP); e-business XML (ebXML); and the widely publicized Universal Discovery, Description, and Integration (UDDI) protocol are all becoming more and more integrated to XML with each new release of applications in this arena. The longstanding Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is also becoming more widely used in conjunction with XML. In short, XML is undergoing many variations in its implementations, as the needs of customers for order-management and content-management vendors become more sophisticated and exact.

Clearly, there is a move to provide more semantic-driven XML implementations that can take advantage of the nuances in applications and provide higher levels of responsiveness. Figure 1 shows the progression of XML from a purely structural approach to one that's semantic in nature. This progression is going to continue at an escalated rate as content-management vendors prove through metrics the value of their applications.

Figure 1

XML is maturing into a semantically-focused development tool.

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