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Microsoft Dumps Java for their new language: C Sharp

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  1. Microsoft Dumps Java for their new language: C Sharp
  2. Enter C Sharp (C#)
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Microsoft has invented a language that is just like Java – only different. Talbott Crowell discusses C# and what it is and isn’t.

Good news for Sun, Java developers, Visual Studio developers, and Microsoft! Microsoft is known for taking existing languages such as BASIC and C++, and tweaking them into full IDE's that exploit the full Windows API, and providing their developers with powerful development tools. Visual Basic and Visual C++ are testament to that.

Microsoft ran into a problem when they tried to make their own version of Java that could access the Win32 API directly through a Java keyword delegate that was only recognized by Microsoft Visual J++ and Microsoft Java compilers such as jvc. The WFC, Windows Foundation Classes as they were called, were Java wrappers around the Win32 API that utilized the delegate keyword to not only give Microsoft Java full Windows OS and COM access, but also increase the speed of Java up to five times the speed of other versions of Java. But was this Java? Sun didn't think so, and as a result, WFC, J++, jvc, the delegate keyword, and the proprietary Microsoft JVM, were all abandoned. Or were they?

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