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Glossary of Business Terms

In the context of personal Web businesses, the following terms have the following meanings.



autonomous business model

In the context of Web businesses, a business model in which the customers are both the producers and consumers of content. An autonomous Web business operates with very little work on the part of its creator and usually makes money through advertising.

brick-and-mortar business

An "offline" business.

business activity map

A graphical depiction of the movement of content between the agents—both technology and people—that participate in a given work activity. See Web Business Engineering (Addison-Wesley Longman, 2001, ISBN 0-201-60468-X) for more details.

business model

A well-thought-out plan for how your business intends to make enough money doing whatever it does; the high level design of your business. A business model is to a business as a software design model (for example, object-oriented design) is to a computer program.


No such thing exists. Nothing is free. You may not pay money for it, but you'll pay in other ways. For this reason, when I use the term "free" I always put it in quotes.


A potential group of customers.


Master of Business Administration degree. A graduate-level business student is generally working toward earning an MBA.


The money your business brings in.

personal Web business

A Web business that operates under the autonomous business model.


The content area on which your Web site is based.

Web business

A Web site that makes money.

Web business engineering

For an entrepreneur, Web business engineering is the use of systematic techniques to design a Web business (Web business engineering). For a consultant, Web business engineering is the use of systematic techniques to determine the best way of handling a client's offline businesses processes online (Web business engineering).

Web site

A collection of Web pages.

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