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  1. Now that you’ve seen an initial requirements outline for a simple app like SnackLog, try creating one for your own app. Think through all the things the app needs to do, but don’t worry about the specific implementation or interaction details. Calling out how certain features should feel (quick, distraction-free, personalized) is fine, but avoid writing about the actual design yet (buttons, colors, navigation). Include questions that you have. Any interesting app idea should summon up at least a few unanswered questions.
  2. Examine your outline, and look for features or concepts that might benefit from being reduced. Are there any ideas that should be combined? Are there any ideas that should be split up?
  3. Try outlining some of your questions, keeping in mind how your app would fit in with other iPhone or iPad apps. List the pros and cons. Then see whether you’re leaning in a certain direction or you need to explore further.
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