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Transparent Proxy and Redirection with LINUX 2.2

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The Linux kernel does a lot more than just packet filtering and masquerading. In version 2.2, some of the functionality of user-space proxy and redirection daemons was provided directly in the kernel. In this article, system administrator Tony Mancill discusses the possibilities of both pure-kernel and kernel + user-space daemon varieties and how to configure them.

Redirection of IP Traffic—Smoke and Mirrors

This article is about methods to take traffic headed to one destination and point it toward a different destination, without the sender (and sometimes the receiver) being aware that any such activity is taking place. The action doesn't necessarily have to be covert; it may be the only way to allow access from the outside to systems inside a masquerading firewall. Redirection options run the gamut from simple user-space processes to kernel firewalling rules, a combination of these two, and then finally some more complex kernel rules that perform reverse masquerading. This article covers each of these with an example.

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