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Wrapping Up

In this chapter, you discovered how blogs work and what they can do for you. Hopefully, this information helps you decide how to fit a promotion campaign targeted at blogs and reviews into your larger marketing planning.

Here are a few final thoughts to wrap up this chapter:

  • Understand what blogs need (page views) and are looking for (exciting stories) and balance this with your need for publicity. Find the exciting story that already lives within your product—and emphasize that story.
  • Each kind of review may offer mixed blessings. For example, with an in-depth review, you get a lot more words written about your product. On the other hand, reviewers have a lot more time to find product flaws. Target your pitch for the style of review that best showcases your product.
  • Public exposure is important for any successful app. Spend time strategizing your marketing push, not just in developing the product.
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