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Applying Situational Factors

It’s important to note that the situations and factors outlined within this chapter don’t necessarily apply to every business. Different industries and geographies are each impacted by different combinations of factors. Further, as our society, technologies, and the manner in which people communicate change, so too will the situations and situational factors that impact influence marketing change. However, all businesses can use the customer-centric influence model and geofencing to identify, chart, and track the situations their customers find themselves in when making purchase decisions.

Pervasive communications combined with these situations and situational factors impact the business-influencer-customer communication flow and have changed the nature of influence marketing forever. The key consideration is no longer an influencer’s reach and amplification but who and what influences their followers to make purchase decisions. One more area of study is required before we can look at leveraging this new model: the actual purchase decision. Understanding the factors that impact the purchase decision is important, but we cannot predict what path influence will take, without a strong understanding of the consumer’s actual decision-making process. The next chapter will explore this process.

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