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Although these statistics make for a dire picture, there is no need to feel hopeless. Climate leaders such as Al Gore and Bill McKibbon are confident that we can reduce to and stabilize at 350 ppm if business, government, and citizens get involved and take action.

Figure 5

Figure 5. Wedges diagram adopted from Pacala and Socolow showing the necessary steps to reduce emissions.Xviii

Thanks to the work of scientists and thought leaders like Hansen, Gore, McKibben, Pacala and Socolow among others, we are equipped with a roadmap to climate stabilization. We can clearly see what must be done, and business plays a tremendously important role. There is incredible profit to be made in the stabilization of our climate, and business leaders who see the situation for the exciting opportunities it holds will benefit from leading the charge. As you read farther into this book, you will see that there are many things you and your company can do to operate effectively in this new environment and be part of the solution to climate change, even in an uncertain economy.

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