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B2B Process Integration

This is where all B2B exchanges are going. For B2Bi to scale and meet the demands of the future, B2B processes must be managed. The B2B process integration pattern address the limitations raised by the data exchange pattern by providing business process integration (BPI) services. Just as the data exchange pattern allows participants to manage data exchanges dynamically through the exchange of XML-based documents, the B2B process integration pattern allows the participants to manage processes in the same way. This allows richer, more complex relationships between trading partners to occur.

This has paved the way for two relatively new developments. First, it places importance on an emerging class of products in the business process integration (BPI) arena. Second, it has led to the development of standards governing not only data exchange, but also the protocol for business transactions—that is, the definition of the B2B process. The leading example of this is the RosettaNet initiative that is rapidly gaining steam.

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