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Data Exchange B2Bi

If you think about it, one limitation of the direct application B2Bi pattern is that it can be more demanding to implement. It requires each participant to handle and externalize application native data directly. This makes it difficult to scale the B2B interaction model rapidly when such a demand is placed on the participants. The data exchange B2Bi pattern is far simpler—it enables B2B transactions predicated on an agreement of a common data format and is the most widely applied pattern for B2B commerce today.

Figure 1

Data exchange B2Bi

As Figure 1 illustrates, XML-based data packets are transmitted between two business entities through the use of a data exchange gateway service on both ends. One of the primary responsibilities of the gateway service is to prepare the data packets by placing them within a security envelope and then routing the data through a standard transport. Although many gateways allow for a wide variety of transports, many experts maintain that the majority of B2Bi transactions today still deliver XML documents over a simple HTTPS pipe.

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