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There was a time when an individual’s technology experience was much more sophisticated at work than at home. This has changed. The consumer-based services that you use daily in your personal life are so compelling because they effectively bring together social, cloud, data and mobile. It is as though the computing platforms of your personal life have set high expectations for the IT departments at work. As a result, IT is catching up. Companies see the consumerization of IT as both a challenge and an opportunity to differentiate. Bringing together social, cloud, data, and mobile in the right way can create a platform for IT that can form the basis of a “system of engagement,” as shown in Figure 9.1. The SoCloDaMo platform can deliver a system that empowers customers, employees, and partners through mobile apps that address their specific task in context of their immediate need. It brings together the behavior and preferences of their peers (social) with access and context (mobile) to give them insight (data analytics) when they need it (cloud).12

Figure 1.1

Figure 9.1. Four elements of a SoCloDaMo platform.

Mobile Strategy Decisions

The following are many strategic considerations that can help to guide your strategy:

  • Cloud
    • What service model is needed (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS)?
    • Considering security and access, which deployment model is needed (private, public, or hybrid)?
    • Are there specific needs that can drive the cloud adoption—speed of development, reducing cost, test, deployment, and so on?
    • Have all the security, vendor lock-in management issues been considered?
    • How can your cloud strategy link to your existing IT and security infrastructure?
  • Social
    • Will the app inherently drive social interaction, or is social training and education needed?
    • Does the social behavior drive value linked to your business goals?
    • How can the data from the social interaction get fed into the data analysis systems?
    • Social insight happens with scale. Does the social platform tie into a cloud-based system?
  • Mobile
    • Which MEAP platform most easily ties into the SoCloDaMo vision?
    • How does your MEAP and BaaS systems tie together?
    • Does the app engage the end user to generate the behavior and insight needed to deliver business value?
    • Does the mobile device provide the appropriate context of location, behavior, and activity that can generate the appropriate data while protecting privacy and personal information?
  • Big Data
    • Are systems available to manage the velocity, variety, and volume of data based on the mobile and social data streams?
    • Are the tools in place to analyze the data that may be structured and nonstructured?
    • Are the analysis systems tied into the business processes so that insight can drive new value for customers and employees?
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