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Storage Devices

Hard drives must be handled with care when disassembling a computer. Inside traditional hard drives are hard platters with tiny read/write heads located just millimeters above the platters. If dropped, the read/write heads can touch the platter, causing damage to the platter and/or the read/write heads. The platter is used to store data and applications. Today’s mechanical hard drives have self-parking heads that pull the heads away to a safe area when the computer is powered off or in a power-saving mode. Always be careful neither to jolt nor to jar the hard drive when removing it from the computer. Even with self-parking heads, improper handling can cause damage to the hard drive.

A solid-state drive does not contain fragile heads. However, these drives are susceptible to ESD. Use proper antistatic handling procedures when removing/installing them. Store a solid-state drive in an antistatic bag when not in use. Avoid touching the drive with a metal tool.

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