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Review Questions

  1. What would happen if you removed the battery from the motherboard by accident?

  2. List three tasks commonly performed during preventive maintenance.

  3. Computers used in a grocery store warehouse for inventory control have a higher part failure rate than the other company computers. Which of the following is most likely to help in this situation?

    1. an antistatic wrist strap
    2. a preventive maintenance plan
    3. antistatic pads
    4. high wattage power supplies
  4. Which of the following can prolong the life of a computer and conserve resources? (Select all that apply.)

    1. a preventive maintenance plan
    2. antistatic mats and pads
    3. upgraded power supply
    4. a power plan
    5. using a Li-ion battery as a replacement
    6. extra case fans
  5. Which power component has a 20- or 24-pin connector?

    1. ATX power supply
    2. UPS
    3. line conditioner
    4. SPS
    5. surge protector
  6. An optical drive randomly becomes unavailable, and after replacing the drive, the technician now suspects a power issue. What could help in this situation?

    1. a UPS
    2. a surge protector
    3. antistatic wipes
    4. a preventive maintenance plan
    5. a multimeter
  7. Which unit would you recommend for the help desk people who sit at a computer for a 24/7 operation where help must be provided at all times?

    1. a UPS
    2. a surge protector
    3. an upgrade power supply
    4. a line conditioner
  8. When disassembling a computer, which tool will help you remove the memory module?

    1. magnetic screwdriver
    2. needlenose pliers
    3. #1 or #2 Phillips screwdriver
    4. antistatic wrist strap
  9. How would a technician normally access a memory module that needs to be replaced on a netbook? (Select the best answer.)

    1. by removing the DC power jack
    2. by removing a secured bottom compartment
    3. by removing the speaker
    4. by removing the display
  10. Which part would be specialized when used with a laser printer? [ surge strip | vacuum | multimeter | antistatic wrist strap ]

  11. Which two of the following would most likely cause a loud noise on a desktop computer? (Select two.) [ motherboard | USB drive | power supply | case fan | memory | PCIe adapter ]

  12. A computer will not power on. Which of the following would be used to check the wall outlet? [ power supply tester | UPS | multimeter | POST ]

  13. A computer will not power on. After checking the wall outlet and swapping the power cord, what would the technician use next?

    1. power supply tester
    2. UPS
    3. antistatic wrist strap
    4. magnetic screw driver
    5. nonmagnetic screw driver
  14. Which of the following is affected by the power supply wattage rating?

    1. number of internal storage devices
    2. number of power supply connectors
    3. speed of the processor
    4. type of processor
    5. type of power supply connectors
  15. Which of the following would help with computer heat?

    1. increased power supply wattage
    2. larger power supply form factor
    3. unplug unused power connectors
    4. install case fans
  16. Lightning is prevalent in Jacksonville, Florida. What would you recommend for home owners who would like to keep working even when a storm is rolling through? [ surge protector | phone line protector | UPS | line conditioner ]

  17. Consider the following email.

    Reword this email to illustrate good written communication skills.

  18. List three recommendations for good technical written communication.

  19. What type of fire extinguisher can be used on electronic equipment?

  20. List three recommendations for saving power on a laptop.

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