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Symptoms of Power Supply Problems

The following is a list of symptoms of a power supply problem:

  • The power light is off and/or the device won’t turn on.
  • The power supply fan does not turn when the computer is powered on.
  • The computer sounds a continuous beep. (This could also be a bad motherboard or a stuck key on the keyboard.)
  • When the computer powers on, it does not beep at all. (This could also be a bad motherboard.)
  • When the computer powers on, it sounds repeating short beeps. (This could also be a bad motherboard.)
  • During POST, a 02X or parity POST error code appears (where X is any number); one of the POST checks is a power good signal from the power supply; a 021, 022, . . . error message indicates that the power supply did not pass the POST test.
  • The computer reboots or powers down without warning.
  • The power supply fan is noisy.
  • The power supply is too hot to touch.
  • The computer emits a burning smell.
  • The power supply fan spins, but there is no power to other devices.
  • The monitor has power light, but nothing appears on the monitor, and no PC power light illuminates.
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