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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Editing Chart Data

You can edit chart data in a worksheet one cell at a time, or you can manipulate a range of data. If you’re not sure what data to change to get the results you want, use the Edit Data Source dialog box to help you. In previous versions, you were limited to 32,000 data points in a data series for 2-D charts. Now you can have as much as your memory to store. You can work with data ranges by series, either Legend or Horizontal. The Legend series is the data range displayed on the axis with the legend, while the Horizontal series is the data range displayed on the other axis. Use the Collapse Dialog button to temporarily minimize the dialog to select the data range you want. After you select your data, click the Expand Dialog button to return back to the dialog box.

Edit the Data Source

  • yellow-circle-01.jpg Click the chart you want to modify.
  • yellow-circle-02.jpg Click the Design tab under Chart Tools.
  • yellow-circle-03.jpg Click the Select Data button on the Design tab under Chart Tools.
  • yellow-circle-04.jpg In the Select Data Source dialog box, use any of the following:

    • Chart data range. Displays the data range of the plotted chart.
    • Switch Row/Column. Click to switch plotting the data series from rows or columns.
    • Add. Click to add a new Legend data series to the chart.
    • Edit. Click to make changes to a Legend or Horizontal series.
    • Remove. Click to remove the selected Legend data series.
    • Move Up and Move Down. Click to move a Legend data series up or down in the list.
    • Hidden and Empty Cells. Click to plot hidden data and determine what to do with empty cells.
  • yellow-circle-05.jpg Click OK.
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