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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Google Maps

Google Maps enables you to see where you are on a map, find points of interest close to you, give you driving or walking directions, and provide extra layers of information, such as a satellite view.

  1. Touch to launch Google Maps.
  2. Touch to type a search term.
  3. Touch to speak a search term.
  4. Touch to get walking or driving directions from one location to another. You can also choose to use public transit or biking paths to get to your destination.
  5. Touch the Menu button to see more options.
  6. Touch to choose a part of the global map to make available offline. Read more about this later in the chapter in the “Using Offline Google Maps” section.
  7. Touch to find local restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and attractions. This menu item also shows you special offers that are being advertised in the area.
  8. Touch to add layers to the map view. These can be restaurants, offers, traffic, a satellite view, transit lines, biking paths, and Wikipedia entries for the area.
  9. Touch to show your location on the map using Google Latitude, and also see locations of your friends who are using Latitude and sharing their location.
  10. Touch to edit your places, such as where you work or where you live, places you have checked into, and places you have recently visited.
  11. Touch to see all places that have special offers in the area.
  12. Touch to change the settings for Google Maps.

Getting Directions

You can use Google Maps to get directions to where you want to go.

  1. Touch the Directions icon.
  2. Touch to set the starting point or leave it as My Location (which is where you are now).
  3. Touch to choose a location from your Contacts, My Places, or a point on the map.
  4. Type in the destination address.
  5. Touch to choose a location from your Contacts, My Places, or a point on the map.
  6. Touch to flip the start and end points.
  7. Touch to use driving directions.
  8. Touch to use public transportation.
  9. Touch to use bike paths (if available).
  10. Touch to walk to your destination.
  11. Touch to see the directions.
  12. Touch to change the method to get to your destination.
  13. Touch to launch the Navigation app to provide spoken turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Google Maps Settings

  1. Touch the Menu button.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Display to tweak what is shown on the map. For example you can change the bubble that appears above a landmark to show Navigation, Call, or Street View instead of the standard Get Directions.
  4. Touch to remove all map cache. This forces Google Maps to re-download new map areas as needed.
  5. Touch to switch to another Google account to use Google Maps.
  6. Touch to change your Google Map location setting.
  7. Touch to change how Google Maps knows where you are. You can leave it as Detect Your Location (meaning Google Maps uses your GPS location information) or change it to a specific address.
  8. Touch to enable or disable reporting your location from your tablet. Combined with the next setting, you can update your location automatically so your friends can see where you are.
  9. Touch to enable sharing your location with your friends. You establish which friends see your location in the next step.
  10. Touch to manage which of your friends see where you are.
  11. Touch to enable location history where Google Maps keeps track of where you have been. Having this enabled makes Google Now much better.
  12. Touch to have Google Maps automatically check you in to places you visit and have designated as places you visit a lot.
  13. Touch to enable check-in notifications that allow Google Maps to suggest places to visit based on where you are.
  14. Touch to manage your places which includes places you check into often and places you want muted (or do not want to hear about).
  15. Touch to save your changes and return to the previous screen.

Using Offline Google Maps

Google Maps enables you to download small parts of the global map to your tablet. This is useful if you are travelling and need an electronic map but cannot connect to a network to download it in real-time.

  1. Touch the Menu button.
  2. Touch Make Available Offline.
  3. Pinch to zoom out.
  4. Move the blue selection square over the area you want to take offline. This area can be anywhere on the globe.
  5. Touch Done to start downloading the map data to your tablet.
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