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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Navigating Through Many Worksheets Using the Controls in the Lower Left

Previous versions of Excel had four controls for moving through the list of worksheet tabs. Due to the new “less chrome” mantra, the worksheet navigation icons are now a left and right arrowhead in the lower left (see Figure 3.32).

Figure 3.32

Figure 3.32. These worksheet navigation controls have been streamlined in Excel 2013.

The controls are only active when you have more tabs than are visible across the bottom of the Excel window. Click the left or right icon to scroll the tabs one at a time. Ctrl+click either arrow to scroll to the last tab. Note that scrolling the tabs does not change the active sheet. It just brings more tabs into view so you can then click the selected tab.

Just as in prior versions of Excel, you can right-click the worksheet navigation arrows to see a complete list of worksheets. Click any item in the list to move to that worksheet.

In certain circumstances, an ellipsis (...) icon appears in the worksheet navigation area. This icon selects the worksheet to the left of the active sheet.

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