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Getting Started with Your NOOK HD

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This chapter covers NOOK HD gestures, setup, and basic navigation.
This chapter is from the book

Before getting into the details of using your NOOK HD+ or NOOK HD, take a look at some of the basics: gestures, setup, and basic navigation. With these basics in place, you can then discover all the other incredible things your NOOK HD+ or NOOK HD can do.

Understanding NOOK Gestures

You control the NOOK, excepting the Power button, Home button, and volume controls by gestures:

  • Tap: This is the most common gesture. Just press your finger to the screen and raise it. Usually, you use this gesture with buttons and covers.
  • Press and hold: This is the same as the tap gesture, but instead of raising your finger, you hold it to the screen for a couple of seconds. This often opens an additional menu from which to choose by a tap, but you can encounter other results from a press and hold.
  • Swipe left/swipe right: The gesture is mostly for turning pages. Like a tap, touch your finger on the screen and quickly drag it to the left (or right) and lift your finger up.
  • Scroll: Essentially the vertical version of the swipe gesture. You can control the speed of the scroll by swiping up or down more rapidly. You can slow down or stop the scroll by tapping the screen (to stop) or pressing and holding to slow the scroll.
  • Pinch and zoom in/pinch and zoom out: This is a method to zoom in or out on pictures, PDFs, web pages, and so on. To zoom in or show part of the screen more closely, you place your index finger and thumb closely together on the screen (that is, pinch) and then spread them apart. To zoom out or show more of the screen, you do the pinch and zoom in gesture in reverse—this is also called unpinch.
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