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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Taking the Quick Start Lesson

With the Quick Start lesson, you can quickly create your first animation in Edge Animate. It’s quick and easy, but it gives you simple way to see how an animation works. You’ll create a rectangle on the Stage and then use the Pin button and the Playhead in the Timeline to make the shape move across the screen. After you create the animation, you’ll play it back on the Stage and in the Timeline to see how it works.

Take the Quick Start Lesson

  • 01yellow_circle.jpg From the Welcome screen under Getting Started or the Lessons panel, click the Quick Start lesson tile to start it.

    The Welcome screen closes, Edge Animate creates a new Untitled project, and the Lessons panel displays the start of the lesson.

  • 02yellow_circle.jpg Select the Rectangle Tool on the Tools panel.
  • 03yellow_circle.jpg Draw a rectangle in the upper-left corner of the Stage.
  • 04yellow_circle.jpg Click the Pin button in the Timeline.
  • 05yellow_circle.jpg Drag the Playhead to 0:01 (1 second).
  • 06yellow_circle.jpg Move the rectangle to the lower-right corner of the Stage.
  • 07yellow_circle.jpg Click the gray color chip (diamond) in the Properties panel.
  • 08yellow_circle.jpg Click the Background Color box on the Tools panel, and then select a color from the palette.

  • 09yellow_circle.jpg Click the Play button or press Space to play back the animation.
  • 10yellow_circle.jpg At the bottom of the Lessons panel, click the Next Step link.

    The lesson is complete.

  • 11yellow_circle.jpg Click the File menu, click Save, navigate to a folder, create a folder, enter a name for the composition, and then click Save.
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