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Create Filters

You can create filters to display data that is relevant and remove unwanted data from the report, as shown in Figure 5.13 and outlined in the list that follows.

Figure 5.13

Figure 5.13. Create Filter on the Product line column.

  1. Click the New option on the Standard toolbar to create a new report.

    NOTE: This example uses GO Data Warehouse (query) package.

  2. Insert Products > Product line into the report.
  3. Insert Products > Product type into the report.
  4. Insert Sales fact > Quantity into the report.
  5. Insert Sales fact > Revenue into the report.
  6. Click the Product line column > click Group option on the Standard toolbar.
  7. Click the Product line column > click the Filter icon on the Standard toolbar.
  8. Select the check box for Mountaineering Equipment, Outdoor Protection, and Personal Accessories.
  9. In the Condition section > select Do not show the following (NOT) from the drop-down list, as shown in Figure 5.14.
    Figure 5.14

    Figure 5.14. Create Filter options.

  10. Click OK.
  11. Click the filter link on top of the report.
  12. Check the box for Prompt every time the report runs.
  13. Uncheck Outdoor Protection.
  14. Click OK.

Remove Filters

You can remove any filter currently applied to the report, as shown in Figure 5.15 and described in the list that follows.

Figure 5.15

Figure 5.15. Remove filter.

  1. Click the filter icon (yellow funnel) > click the existing filter > click the Delete link.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Save > type a name for the report SampleOutdoor Sales Report Product Line by Product Types.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can right-click the filter line and choose Delete.

Create a Complex Filter

You can create complex filters by combining two or more filters as described in the list that follows. To use this option the Advanced Query Studio capability must be enabled.

  1. In IBM Cognos Connection, click Launch > Query Studio.
  2. Select the GO Data Warehouse (query) package when prompted to select a package.
  3. Click the New option to create a new report.
  4. Ctrl+click Product line, Product Type, Quantity, and Revenue, and add it to the report via the Insert button.
  5. Click Quantity column > click the Filter icon on the Standard toolbar.
  6. In the Filter window, Condition section > type 3,000,000 in the From box, as shown in Figure 5.16.
    Figure 5.16

    Figure 5.16. Combine filters to create a complex filter.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Edit Data menu > Filters > choose Open the Combine Filters dialog.

    NOTE: Alternatively you can click Edit Data menu > Filters > Combine Filters. The example here also displays other options available to you.

  9. Click Add a filter line... link.
  10. In the Condition section > type 5,000,000 in the To box > click OK twice, as shown in Figure 5.17.

    Figure 5.17

    Figure 5.17. Create complex filters in Query Studio.

    NOTE: All rows with quantities greater than 5,000,000 are removed from the report.

  11. Click the Change Layout menu > Edit Title Area... > uncheck Show filters > click OK.

    NOTE: The report does not show the filters applied to the report anymore.

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