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Using Function Points: A Simple Example

An ILF consisting of employee information can be updated with EIs that create employee information, delete an employee, or update employee information. An EQ permits display of current employee information. A telephone listing produced monthly, with a calculated total of employees by site, is counted as an EO. The telephone listing includes data retrieved from a personnel file maintained by another application: an EIF.

If the complexities for each of the data and transactional functions were low except for the EO, we would have three low EIs valued at three points each: one low EQ valued at 3 points, one low ILF valued at 7 points, and one low EIF valued at 5 points. If the EO were average, its value would be 5. The unadjusted function point count would, as a result, be 29. If the sum of the application GSCs were 28, our VAF would be 0.65 + (.01 * 28), or 0.93. Our adjusted function points would then equal .93 * 29, or 27 adjusted function points.

Of course, real applications are larger and more complex than our example.

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