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Writing Apps: Notes

If you want to write something besides an email—a school paper, for instance—the only writing app that comes with your iPad is Notes. Notes is far from the only writing app available for the iPad (check out the “Writing Apps: Pages” or “Awesome Apps” sections later in this chapter for others), but it’s a good tool for quickly writing down your ideas or keeping track of things. If you want to write papers for school, it might not be the best tool, but for writing short things, it’s a good choice.


Creating a New Note

To write something new using Notes, begin by tapping the app to open it and then follow these steps:

  1. Tap the + button to create a new note.
  2. A blank note and the keyboard appears. Begin typing.

Printing and Deleting Notes

After you’ve created a few notes, you can do several other things with the app. First, hide the keyboard by tapping the down-keyboard button. Then you have options such as the following:

  • To email, text, or print a note, tap the Action box at the bottom of the page and tap Mail or Print. When you tap Mail, a new, blank email will be created with the text of the note in it. When you tap Message, a new message with the text of the note in it is created. When you tap Print, you’ll have to select your printer and the number of copies you want to print.
  • To delete a note, tap the trash can icon and then tap Delete Note.
  • To move between notes, tap the left and right arrows.

Viewing the Notes List

If you’ve created more than one note, you have two ways to see a list of all your notes so you can choose the one you want:

  • If your iPad is in Portrait mode, tap Notes and then tap the note you want from the list.
  • In Landscape mode, the list of notes appears automatically in the sidebar. Simply tap the note you want to read or edit.
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