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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing the Folders List

Windows offers a useful feature for managing files and folders, called the Folders list, which is integrated under categories—Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, and Network—into the Navigation pane. The Folders list displays the window in two panes, or frames, which allows you to view information from two different locations. The Navigation pane displays the file hierarchy of all the drives and folders on the PC computer, and the right pane displays the contents of the selected drive or folder. This arrangement enables you to view the file hierarchy of your PC computer and the contents of a folder simultaneously making it easy to copy, move, delete, and rename files and folders. Using the non filled arrow and the filled arrow to the left of an icon in the Folders list allows you to display different levels of the drives and folders on your PC computer without opening and displaying the contents of each folder.

View the Folders List

  • yellow-1.jpg In the desktop, click or tap the File Explorer button on the taskbar.
  • yellow-2.jpg Open any folder window.
  • yellow-3.jpg In the Navigation pane, point to an item to display the navigation arrows.
  • yellow-4.jpg Perform the commands you want to display folder structure and contents:

    • To show the file and folder structure, click or tap the non filled arrow.
    • To hide the file and folder structure, click or tap the filled arrow.
    • To display the contents of a folder, click or tap the folder icon.
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