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How ASPs Can Assist in Selling Online

By now you have seen how ASPs have the potential to transform your business and make it more productive through the use of the ASP model. The role of e-commerce continues to expand in businesses as the metrics measuring success are becoming easier to gather and use in making informed decisions about the direction of an e-commerce site. Of all the approaches to handling e-commerce, these following areas are showing the most promise for companies developing their own e-business strategies.

Catalogs and Auctions

The continual development of catalog technology and its growth are already revolutionizing the role of companies selling online. As more and more companies go online, the role of catalogs will become crucial. Even though the free sites that pervade the low end of the market offer catalogs, their implementations do not have the key features as defined in this chapter as must-haves for an industrial-strength e-commerce solution.

Customized Selections by Customer

The ability to personalize the experience that your customer has when visiting your site is invaluable from a personalization perspective and also from a repeat business standpoint. It's essential to consider how you will market your site with an ASP by stressing the customization aspect. Your competitive strength in a local market against competitors could very well be the ability to personalize the shopping and visiting experience for your customers. In working with an ASP and also creating your e-commerce strategy, always look for opportunities to add in personalization for your visitor and customer.

Cross-linking with Products from Other Sites

Building affiliate programs and working to create partnership levels is critical for the long-term growth of your site. Consider the affiliate programs for your industry, and also consider creating one of your own to reward frequent visitors to your site. Be sure to ask about the limitations and ability of the ASP that you plan to work with in creating an affiliate program to promote your company.

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