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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Organizing with the Painter Tool

The Painter tool enables you to apply the same attributes to multiple images in Grid View quickly, without having to select them first. You can use the Painter tool as an alternative to working with clickable grid cell items to apply ratings, flags, and color labels. The Painter tool also remembers your last settings, so you can quickly apply them to other thumbnails the next time you select the tool.

Paint Ratings, Flags, and Labels

  1. You must be in Grid view to access the Painter tool. Choose Metadata, Enable Painting. Or if you’ve chosen to display the Painter icon in the Toolbar, you can click it to access the tool.


  2. Choose Rating, Flag, or Label from the Paint drop-down list.


  3. When you choose Rating or Label, the star rating and color label options appear next to the drop-down list. Select a star rating or a color label before painting with the tool.

  4. When choosing Flag, you must choose an option from the drop-down list that appears. Options include Flagged (the default), Unflagged, or Rejected.
  5. Hover over any thumbnail in the Grid and click with the Painter tool to apply the chosen rating, color label, or a flag.
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