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Adding Apps to the Lock Screen

The Lock screen can display a number of apps that run in the background and display useful or interesting information, even while your computer is locked. By default, you see the date/time, power status, and connection status, but it’s easy to add other apps to the Lock screen.

  • red-1.jpg Display the charms bar and click or tap Settings to display the Settings panel.
  • red-2.jpg Click or tap Change PC Settings to display the PC Settings page.
  • red-3.jpg Click or tap Personalize in the left column.
  • red-4.jpg Click or tap Lock Screen in the right panel.
  • red-5.jpg Scroll down the Lock Screen panel to the Lock Screen Apps section and click a + button to display the Choose an App panel.
  • red-6.jpg Click or tap the app you want to add.
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