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This chapter is from the book


  1. Amend the example available in the book’s code examples as hour14/example02 to display the user’s real name and URL. Consult the data structure earlier in this hour to understand which attributes you need for this.
  2. Amend the server to receive data from Twitter’s streaming API based on some keywords that you are interested in. If there are more than two keywords, update the application to show more than two bars on the graph.
  3. Think about how you could create an application to provide visualizations of different streaming Twitter datasets. Remember that you can limit your query by location, certain users, and keywords. Some examples to get you started:
  • Do people talk more about beer or wine in London?
  • How often do famous people use the words “me” or “you”?
  • Are the Beatles more popular than the Rolling Stones?
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