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Setting the Date and Time

The date and time you set on your computer is very important. When you save a file or send and receive an e-mail, your computer uses the date and time you set in the Date & Time preference pane. You can set the date and time manually, or if your computer is connected to the Internet, you can have a time server set it automatically. If you have an Internet connect, such as DSL or cable, use the time server, otherwise you should set it manually. To make sure your files and e-mail times are not off by a few hours, you need to set your time zone, either manually or automatically. When you travel, OS X can automatically change your time zone using Wi-Fi. You can also set the date and time to display as a digital (12:05 PM) or analog (round face with hands) clock in the menu bar, or have the computer speak, announcing the time at certain intervals.

Set the Date and Time

  • bluecircle_1.jpg Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, and then click the Date & Time icon.
  • bluecircle_2.jpg Click the Date & Time tab.
  • bluecircle_3.jpg To set the time automatically over the Internet, select the Set date & time automatically check box, and then use the pop-up to select a time server.
  • bluecircle_4.jpg To set the date and time manually, use any of the following methods:

    • Select the individual date and time fields, and then enter a number, or use the up and down arrows.
    • Click a date in the calendar and drag the hands on the clock.
  • bluecircle_5.jpg Click the Time Zone tab.

    • To automatically set the time zone, select the Set time zone automatically using current location check box.
  • bluecircle_6.jpg Click the part of the map closest to your location.
  • bluecircle_7.jpg Click the Closest City pop-up, and then select the closest city to your location.
  • bluecircle_8.jpg Click the Close button.

Set Date and Time Options

  • bluecircle_1.jpg Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, and then click the Date & Time icon.
  • bluecircle_2.jpg Click the Clock tab.
  • bluecircle_3.jpg Select the Show date and time in menu bar check box.
  • bluecircle_4.jpg Select the view as (Digital or Analog) option you want.
  • bluecircle_5.jpg Select or clear the following check boxes:

    • Display the time with seconds. Check to add seconds to the time (Menu bar).
    • Flash the time separators. Check to show a blinking colon.
    • Use a 24-hour clock. Check to show military time (18:00 instead of 6:00 PM).
    • Show AM/PM. Check to show AM or PM.
    • Show the day of the week. Check to show the day of the week (Menu bar).
    • Show the date. Check to show the date (Menu bar).
  • bluecircle_6.jpg To speak the time, select the Announce the time check box, click the pop-up, and then select an interval.

    • To change the computer voice, click Customize Voice.
  • bluecircle_7.jpg Click the Close button.
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