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Using VoiceOver Commands

The easiest way to use VoiceOver is to use the VoiceOver keys, the Control and Option keys together. These are known as VO keys. When used together, the Control and Option keys allows you to control VoiceOver and move the VoiceOver cursor. If you’re not sure what a keyboard key does, you can enable keyboard help, where you can press any key to hear its name as well as the name of the VoiceOver command. In addition to the VO keys, you can also use the standard keyboard shortcuts that work within OS X. You can quickly turn VoiceOver on and off using a keyboard shortcut, apple.jpg+F5. If your using a menu instead of a VO keyboard shortcut, you can use one of the VoiceOver menu’s to get help with or execute a command. The oversized white-on-black menu makes it easy to use. In VoiceOver, you can create up to 10 hot spots to monitor an object or area in an accessible window and get notification when something changes.

Use VoiceOver Commands

  • bluecircle_1.jpg To start or stop VoiceOver, press Image+F5.
  • bluecircle_2.jpg Use the following keyboard shortcuts for help with VoiceOver.

    • VoiceOver menu. VO+F7; use arrow keys to navigate

    • Item Chooser menu. VO+I
    • Windows Chooser menu. Lists all open windows: VO+F2 twice
    • Program Chooser menu. Lists all open programs: VO+F1 twice.
    • VoiceOver Help. VO+?; Help for an item: VO+H
    • Command menu. Command menu for an item: VO+H+H
    • Select a menu. Return
    • Stop an action or close a menu. Esc
    • Keyboard help. Hear key names on keyboard: VO+K
    • VoiceOver Utility. VO+F8
  • bluecircle_3.jpg Use the following common commands for VoiceOver.

    • What’s on the screen. Under mouse: VO+F5; keyboard highlight: VO+F4; VoiceOver cursor box: VO+F3
    • Read everything. VoiceOver cursor: VO+A; In window, Dock, or desktop, VO+Shift+W
    • Pause/resume speech. Press and release Control; press again to resume. Repeat phrase: VO+Z
    • Show/Hide caption panel. VO+Command+F10
    • Show/Hide Braille panel. VO+Command+F9
    • NumPad Commander on/off. VO+Clear
    • Navigation. VO+arrow keys; visible area top or bottom: VO+Home or VO+End
    • Links on a web page. VO+U
    • Text in a document. Read all text: VO+A; read sentence: VO+S; read line: VO+L
    • Search. Find text: VO+F; find hyperlink: VO+Command+L; find graphic: VO+Command+G
  • bluecircle_4.jpg Use the following commands to create and use hot spots.

    • Create Hot Spot. Select item, and then press VO+Shift+ [number key]
    • Go to Hot Spot. Press VO+ [number key]
    • Hear Hot Spot. Press VO+ Command+[number key]
    • Watch for Hot Spot Changes. Press VO+ Command+Shift+ [number key]
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