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Changing the Way a CD or DVD Starts

When you insert a CD or DVD into your computer, OS X automatically performs an operation, such as opening iTunes and playing an audio CD. You can change what happens when you insert a CD or DVD in the CDs & DVDs preference pane in System Preferences. You can have OS X open a dialog to ask you what to do, ignore it, run a script, or open an application, such as iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, or Finder, to burn or play a disc. If you ignore a CD or DVD, the disc doesn’t show up on the desktop or in a Finder window.

Change CD or DVD Start Settings

  • bluecircle_1.jpg Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, and then click the CDs & DVDs icon.
  • bluecircle_2.jpg Click the pop-ups for each type of CD or DVD, and then select a startup option:

    • Ask what to do. A dialog appears that asks you what to do with the disc.
    • Open an application. Select Open Finder, Open application name or click Open An Application to select one.
    • OS X automatically opens the application you select.
    • Run Script. Select and schedule a script to run.
    • Ignore. Nothing happens.
  • bluecircle_3.jpg Click the Close button.
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