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Systems Working Together in Synergy

When interfaces are seamless and data is shared, the resulting synergies tend to enable entirely new ways of doing business, furthering the evolution of the industries in which they occur. Synergy, in this context, can be defined as the combination of components working together to produce something more than the individual components could achieve on their own.

For example, 1:1 marketing is one new business model that's received much attention in the industry press. Amazon.com has built much of its success upon the Internet implementation of this new model. The synergies amazon.com has achieved include integrating sales and service customization with the collection of customer information and the interactivity of the Internet. That interactivity has enabled Amazon to track customers buying behavior and juxtapose that information with customer profiling data. The resulting "something more" is the capability to predict customer behavior and intelligently recommend next purchases.

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