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Setting Up Environments for New Employees

Ever get tired of the company hiring new people and making you set up their accounts, access controls, environments, and other stuff? Me, too. There are times when I've been thrilled to hear that there was a hiring freeze on. IntelliMirror can make this process less painful by letting you configure a standard environment for a certain type of employee and then apply it to new hires through the use of Group Policies. The new hire logs onto a new computer and finds documents and shortcuts already on the desktop. These shortcuts link to common files, URLs, and data that are useful to all employees (for example, helpful sites on the corporate intranet and a link to the electronic employee's handbook might be displayed). The employee will also see all the applications that the corporation uses to do business. All of this is accomplished through the use of Group Policy objects.

You would use the User Documents and Settings node to set the environment and to distribute the URLs, and then configure the Software Distribution node to prepare the list of applications that this user will see displayed. When the new hire logs on for the first time and accesses the documents on the desktop, the associated applications needed to open those documents will be automatically installed if they are not already present on the system.

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