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Using Nook for Web

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  1. Opening NOOK Books in NOOK for Web
  2. Using NOOK for Web
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B&N now offers reading in the cloud with NOOK for Web. This means you can browse to My NOOK Library and read on your computer through the browser your NOOK Books. No applications or readers needed. If you have other NOOK apps or devices, however, NOOK for Web is synched with them, so you location in the book is always up-to-date.
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On July 18, 2012, Barnes and Noble launched NOOK for Web—a browser-based way to read your NOOK Books. NOOK for Web is connected to your account and lets you read NOOK Books without having any of the iPhone, iPad, or Android apps; the PC NOOK, Mac NOOK, or NOOK Study applications; or even a NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, or NOOK Simple Touch. You can buy NOOK Books and read them on your computer without downloading them. The good news is, if you own a NOOK or use any of the apps or applications, your NOOK library is synched, so jumping from device to device retains your reading location (but not, currently, bookmarks, notes, or highlights).

To use NOOK for Web, you need a PC or Mac running one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome on PC or Mac
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Safari on PC or Mac
  • Firefox on PC or Mac

Currently, you cannot use NOOK for Web using an iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet browser, though B&N says those will be supported later this year.

You also need a B&N account if you do not already have one here: https://mynook.barnesandnoble.com/index.html. Just click the Create an Account now link. Once you have an account, you can get started reading with NOOK for Web.

Opening NOOK Books in NOOK for Web

You have a few ways of reading content in NOOK for Web. If you are on a product page (see Figure 1), you can hover your mouse over the cover until Open This Book appears. Click Open This Book, and NOOK for Web starts. If you own the NOOK Book, you have access to the entire book. If you do not own it, then the sample (the first 10-20 pages) appears in NOOK for Web.

Figure 1 Click Open This Book to start NOOK for Web.

However, probably the most common way you will access your NOOK Books in NOOK for Web is through your library at BN.com. From BN.com, click My NOOK (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 Click My NOOK.

When the My NOOK page loads (see Figure 3), click Library.

Figure 3 Click Library to go to a listing of your NOOK Books.

Scroll and click until you have reached the NOOK Book you want to open. You can use the features at the top to help make finding the book you want faster. You can sort the content differently or filter the content. By default, All Items is selected, but clicking any of the other check boxes shows only that set of content.

Once you see the NOOK Book you want to read, click the Read Instantly button (see Figure 4) to open that book in NOOK for Web. You can also click the cover to start NOOK for Web.

Figure 4 Click Read Instantly to open the NOOK Book in NOOK for Web.

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