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Pinpointing Your Industry with Pinterest

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This chapter explains the factors you should consider before creating a Pinterest account for your business.
This chapter is from the book
Figure 4.1

Figure 4.1. Pinterest can be a great, efficient way to share ideas.

You can even create a company pin board that enables your followers to get to know you on a fun, personal level (see Figure 4.2). Pinning pictures from company gatherings or parties, setting up bios for members of your business, or updating people on company events can be seen as a warm invitation by those who follow and are curious about the foundations of your company.

Figure 4.2

Figure 4.2. Don’t be afraid to humanize your company to your followers.

Involving your audience is a great way to gain points in the social media world. Depending on your product, you can engage your Pinterest followers in numerous ways to make them feel like they’re a valued part of your company. But the first step is to identify your brand and audience.

Understanding Your Brand

Remember that a company is only as strong as its understanding of its own market. That is, a company is only as strong as its understanding of its own customer base. You have to define your services and how they can best be aggregated to your potential consumers.

Perhaps this theory does not fit in a business book, but philosophy plays a huge part in defining and delivering a product. Beyond that, assigning a philosophy to your company can help you assess whether or not you have a true use for social media and Pinterest.

To assist you in this process, think of your brand in different ways. The following sections present some ways to think of your brand in a different light.

If Your Company Were a Car, What Would It Be?

This is a simple concept, but it has a huge impact on Pinterest. In a sense, you can think of your boards as different car lots, and your pins as different cars. What kind of car do you want to be viewed as? Don’t be afraid to be specific here. It helps you understand the reasons behind why your pins exist, which helps you create an engaging environment for why your followers should care.

Typical archetypes play a role here. Are you traditional, fun, or outlandish? Are you rusty or affordable? Family-friendly? Stylish?

Study the questions and carefully choose your answers. If at all possible, don’t allow your brand to identify with a plain, boring car (see Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.3

Figure 4.3. This probably shouldn’t be your inspiration.

If Your Company Were a Celebrity, Who Would It Be?

Get imaginative here. Have you ever thought of your company as a celebrity? When people view your pins on Pinterest, you want them to come from an authoritative voice. At the same time, you want them to feel like they are coming from a voice that should be listened to.

Much like a celebrity, your pins showcase your style and grace (or in co-author Ed Swiderki’s case, slobbery), and should leave your followers wanting more. Is your brand the kind of celebrity that demands attention? Are you controversial? Are you tough, rugged, or just plain friendly? Describe your business and use that to your branding advantage. Further develop this personality and integrate it into your other social properties beyond Pinterest.

If Your Company Were an Animal, What Would It Be?

This is a simple question, but its definition can go a long way toward developing your brand on Pinterest. Hopefully, you don’t define yourself as a hunter, but rather something more tenacious and determined.

Loyal, fun, watchful: These are quality characteristics with which your company might want to align. Don’t be tame in thinking of your response. Identifying your brand is critical in understanding and developing your success. You don’t have to act like the animal you most closely relate to, but use it as a guide to understand your brand.

Think of social media as a zoo. Pinterest’s users stop by your boards and gawk at what you’ve put on display for a while, and then move along on their way.

Finding clarity and confidence in your brand’s personality reveals powerful insights into your organization’s internal culture. This power can be directly realized through harnessing your marketing prowess on Pinterest. Your personality reigns king here, because this industry thrives on a personal approach to social media and marketing.

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