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Facets of Observable Dependencies and Behaviors

So what do you need to know about a component to describe its observable dependencies and behaviors? Some important facets include

  • External component dependencies upon the component as characterized by the component’s interfaces and operations
  • The component’s dependencies upon external components, consisting of the identification of these components and the characterization of their interfaces and operations
  • Usage scenarios: characterizations of the business processes in which the component is expected to participate and the component’s participation in those processes
  • Triggered behaviors: the structure of component activities that explain the relationships between the component’s triggers, responses, inputs, observable state, and outputs
  • Observable state: information retained by the component with a presence that is observable through its interactions
  • Coordination: the manner in which the component’s activity can be coordinated with that of external components
  • Constraints: limitations, particularly on the sequencing of triggers
  • Nonfunctional behavior: performance, availability, and so on
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