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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Making Form Objects Dynamic

Instead of setting static form options in Dreamweaver, you can set form options dynamically (on the fly) from your web server, known as a dynamic form object. For example, you can dynamically set a form menu or list menu with entries from a database, display content in text fields when viewed in a browser, or preset a radio button or check box when viewed in a browser.

When a page with a dynamic form object is displayed from a web server, the initial state is determined by the server. Making form objects dynamic makes updating and maintaining a web site much easier. Instead of manually changing a menu item, you can simply change an entry in a database table where the information is stored.

In order to use dynamic form objects, you need to have a data source set up, such as a MySQL database, and available on your web server. The set up and connection of a data source is outside the scope of this book, so you should see your ISP or web administrator for more details.

Make Form Objects Dynamic

  • green_1.jpg Select the form object you want to make dynamic within a form document.
  • green_2.jpg Open the Properties panel.
  • green_3.jpg Click the Dynamic button or click the Lighting Bolt icon.
  • green_4.jpg Select the options you want to make the form object dynamic; the options vary depending on the form object.
    • Select an existing data source, or click the Plus (+) button to define a new data source.
  • image Click OK.
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