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Five Alternatives To Pages For Word Processing on Your iPad

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  1. Expand the Capabilities of Pages Using Templates
  2. Pages Alternatives for Word Processing
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Thanks to the feature-packed Pages app from Apple, word processing on your iPad is not only possible, it’s practical. In this article, avid iPhone and iPad user Jason R. Rich explores alternative word processing apps, and discusses why they may or may not better meet your needs.
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Word processing is one of the core and very popular tasks that many people utilize on their notebook computer or tablet while on the go, so when Apple initially released the Pages app, iPad users rejoiced that a full-featured and extremely powerful word processor was finally made available for the tablet.

Pages was later released for the iPhone as well, allowing people to create, view, edit, share, and print word-processed documents from their handheld device, although this is much more practical if you use your iPhone with an external wireless keyboard.

In addition to offering many of the text formatting and word processing tools provided by Microsoft Word for Windows-based PCs and Macs, the Pages app offers file compatibility with Microsoft Word. Another useful feature of Pages is that it seamlessly integrates with iCloud, so documents are automatically backed up to the cloud and can be synced with other computers and iOS mobile devices linked to the same iCloud account.

Pages also integrates nicely with other iOS apps, so you can easily import photos, spreadsheet data, charts, graphs, and other elements into your documents as they’re being created or edited on the iPhone or iPad. Apple has gone to great lengths to make Pages the ideal word processing solution to use on its iOS mobile devices, and the app is constantly being updated to include new features and functionality.

However, when it comes to word processing on your iPhone or iPad, if you visit the App Store, you’ll discover a handful of other feature-packed options that offer Microsoft Word compatibility, but slightly different functionality than Pages, especially when it comes to syncing documents with cloud-based services.

Expand the Capabilities of Pages Using Templates

Pages comes bundled with 16 templates. However, a handful of companies offer template add-on apps that work in conjunction with Pages, allowing you to quickly create a wide range of documents simply by adding text and appropriate photos or graphic elements. These templates can be fully customized, and will give your documents a professional look, whether they’re viewed on a screen or ultimately printed.

For example, Designs for Pages ($2.99) includes 900 templates that can be used in conjunction with Pages to easily format and create a wide range of professional-looking content. Templates for Pages Pro ($4.99) includes more than 220 templates that can be utilized for creating specific types of documents, from business letterheads to invoices, newsletters, and full-color brochures. Stationery Set for iOS ($2.99) features more than 100 professionally designed but customizable templates that include digital stationery, announcements, invitations, and newsletters.

You’ll find a handful of free and fee-based Pages template apps by entering the Search phrase “Pages templates” into the Search field of the App Store. Once loaded into your iOS device, the template options will appear after you opt to create a New Document within Pages.

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