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This chapter has described creating a living endowment for ensuring performance. We have discussed the critical need for integrating performance measurement, real-time strategic and operational managing, with the understanding that all businesses want to acquire wealth and gain additional capital to grow and prosper. This includes the necessity of doing so in Valuing Ways.

Our performance improvement model includes the organization’s directions and movements, its end results, and the gap between its desired end results and the actual performance. This includes both what is going well and what is not. We call this the performance gap.

This chapter navigated each step of our model through performance analysis, gap/cause analysis, intervention selection, evaluation planning, implementation, and measuring end results.

The following chapters focus on continuous improvement for what is going well. They also provide interventions to reduce the performance gap with practical, proven how-to strategies that we call Work/Life Approaches.

Chapter 2 begins with the business results while continuously thinking about the desired end results. Chapter 2 introduces Work/Life Approaches:

  • The Organizational Bill of Rights and subsequent tools provide clear direction and movement for everyone working within the organization.
  • The Celestial Approach to Managing frees the people closest to the work to make decisions, identify concepts, and make dynamic decisions about everything a person or organization brings to a specific end result. Rather than using a two-dimensional hierarchy shown on an x-y axis, this approach metaphorically takes a more elliptical/celestial view. It focuses on a specific task/idea/intent that floats through the galaxy rather than focusing on a lockstep procedural hierarchy.
  • The Communication System represents a flow of work where employees do not need to go to the boss for decisions and assignments. Instead, people work together, and decisions are made closest to the action.
  • Several additional tips and strategies will help you realize your desired end results.
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