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From the author of Is Facebook Right for You?

Is Facebook Right for You?

Facebook is the big dog of social networking; not only does it have the most active users, its users spend the most time onsite each month. If you can only target one social network, Facebook is the one to target.

Including Facebook in your online marketing plans is just common sense. With more than 750 million unique visitors each month, just about anyone in any segment you want to reach is probably a member. Facebook’s audience includes both young and old, male and female, rich and not-so-rich, educated and not. Whether you’re marketing to grandparents or soccer moms or rising young executives or Generations X, Y, or Z, chances are they’re on Facebook.

In addition to this unprecedented breadth of online audience, Facebook users are quite engaged. Users spend more time on Facebook (394 minutes per month) than on any other social networking site. (Twitter users, for example, only spend 24 minutes/month with that service; Google+ users spend just 5 minutes/month on that site.) This means that you’re more likely to get more participation from the customers you meet on Facebook, which makes for a more loyal and profitable customer base.

For most businesses, then, Facebook should probably be number-one on your list of social networks to target. About the only type of businesses that might have second thoughts about Facebook are B2B companies; while some business buyers might be on Facebook, at least on a personal level, it’s not where businesses typically turn to when they’re seeking new vendors. For all other types of companies, though, it’s hard to go wrong with Facebook.

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