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Playing Music in a Queue

You can play one track at a time, or select multiple tracks to add to a temporary playback queue. All tracks you add to a queue are played in order of when they were added—unless you’re in shuffle mode, of course, when tracks are played in random order.

To add one or more tracks to a queue, select those tracks; then right-click and select Queue from the pop-up menu. (Select multiple tracks by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking each track.) To view your current queue, select Play Queue in the Main section of the navigation pane.

As you can see in Figure 10.3, all the tracks you’ve queued up are listed on the Play Queue page. Queued tracks will play immediately following the currently playing track; after all tracks in the queue are done playing, playback of the currently selected album or track resumes.

Figure 10.3

Figure 10.3. Viewing your play queue.

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