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Playing Tracks and Albums in Spotify

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In this lesson, you learn how to play music in Spotify.
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Playing an Individual Track

Playing an individual song in Spotify is relatively easy. In fact, there are three ways to start playback of a given track:

  • Double-click the track name.
  • Right-click the track name and select Play from the pop-up menu.
  • Select (single-click) the track name and then click the Play button in the transport controls. (This method works only after you’ve started playback of another track by another method.)

After you begin playing a track, you can control playback by using the transport controls at the bottom of the Spotify window, as shown in Figure 10.1. From left to right, these controls include the following:

Figure 10.1

Figure 10.1. Spotify’s transport controls.

  • Rewind. Click once to skip to the beginning of the current track, or click twice to return to the previous track.
  • Play/Pause. Click once to pause playback. Click again to resume playback.
  • Fast forward. Click to skip to the next track.
  • Volume. Click and drag this slider to the left to lower the volume level, or to the right to play the music louder.
  • Seek. This slider represents the current playback position within the track. The length of the track (in minutes and seconds) is displayed on the right side of this slider. You can click and drag the slider control to move playback to a new position.
  • Shuffle. Click this button to randomly shuffle playback of selected tracks.
  • Repeat. Click this button to keep repeating the current track.

The track you’re currently playing is highlighted in the “now playing” area at the bottom of the navigation pane.

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