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Paste in Gmail

When you copy text into the clipboard so you can paste it in a Gmail message, there’s nothing on the screen that indicates where you can paste your text. You can paste the text by holding down the finger where you want to paste the text. After a second or two, a small pop-up menu appears. Tap Paste in the menu, and you’ll see the pasted text in your desired location.

Pinch In and Out on a List of E-Mails Within a Mail Folder in the Email App

When you’re viewing a message within a mailbox, the list of email messages appears in the left pane broken up by date. You can condense this list so you only see the date headers by pinching in the list. Then you can open messages only for a certain date by tapping the date in the list. If you want to view all the messages again, pinch out within the list. This functionality isn’t available in the Gmail app.

Pinch In and Out on a Message in the Email App

If the default text size of the message in the right pane is too small, you can increase the size easily by pinching in the message. The text gets larger and refreshes so the larger text fits within the pane. If you want to reduce the text size, pinch out; the smallest text size you can view is the default text size unless you change the text size settings as noted in Chapter 5 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab. Like pinching in and out in the list of emails, pinching in and out within an e-mail message is not available in the Gmail app.


Encrypt the Tab

You can encrypt all the data on your Tab and require a password to decrypt all the data every time you turn on the Tab. This approach reduces the risk of your data being stolen if your Tab is stolen or lost. You can encrypt the data on your device in the Settings screen by tapping Location and Security, and then tapping Encrypt Device in the menu.

To encrypt your Tab, you have to keep it plugged in and have your battery charged to at least 80 percent. Encrypting your Tab takes about an hour, so be sure to do this when you don’t need to do anything else with your Tab for a while. After you encrypt the Tab, you’ll be asked for a decryption password, so if you have a login password be sure that the decryption password is different from the login password. If you lose that password, the only way you can get back into your Tab is by performing a factory data reset, which erases all data on your Tab.

Recover from a Forgotten Unlock Pattern

If you decide to use a pattern to unlock your Tab, be sure you set up a Gmail account first. If you forget your pattern, the Tab gives you a chance to bypass it after five unsuccessful tries. After the fifth try, tap the Forgot Pattern button and then tap your Gmail username and password. If you don’t have a Gmail account, or you’ve forgotten your account information, then you’ll have to contact your carrier and/or Samsung. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to perform a factory data reset.

New Incognito Tab in the Browser

If you don’t want to leave signs of cookies, search history, or a cache of items when you browse a website, you can open a New Incognito tab. In the Browser, open the Settings list and then press New Incognito Tab in the menu. Then you’ll see a message telling you about what incognito mode means. For example, you’ll be able to download files and bookmark the page you’re viewing just like any other page. However, incognito mode doesn’t affect what websites do, such as collect information about you.

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