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Viewing Your Payment History

How much have you been paid by Google AdSense in the past? That information is available on the Payments page. To display this payment history, click the Payments link in the Home tab’s navigation pane.

The Payments page displays a wealth of earnings-related information. At the top left of the page you’ll see any unpaid earnings due you, as shown in Figure 4.5. Next to this, at the top right of the page, is information about your last issued payment—the amount paid, earnings period, date issued, payment method (check or electronic funds transfer), and payee name.


Figure 4.5. Viewing unpaid earnings and last issued payment information.

Beneath this top section is a large table with information about all your finalized earnings and payments, organized by month. As you can see in Figure 4.6, for each month you’ve been signed up to AdSense, this table displays

  • Date of each transaction.
  • Description of each transaction. To view more information about a given transaction—typically, the earnings breakout by AdSense product, as shown in Figure 4.7—click the Details link.

Figure 4.6. Viewing a history of AdSense earnings and payments.


Figure 4.7. Viewing details about a specific transaction.

  • Earnings/credits, any revenue associated with the transaction.
  • Payments/debits, any fees or other debits associated with the transaction.
  • Balance, the running amount available in your AdSense account on that date.

Your account balance at the end of each month appears at the end of each month’s transactions in the data table.

If you want to keep a record of your payment history on your own computer, click the Export to CSV button. AdSense displays the Save As dialog box; enter a name and location for this file, and then click the Save button. This downloads a comma separated values (CSV) file filled with payment data, which you can open and edit in either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

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