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What’s New with Evernote? Five Big Features

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Katherine Murray, author of My Evernote, introduces five new features recently rolled out for Evernote users.
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Like this article? We recommend

One of the amazing things about Evernote is that sure, it’s a popular note-taking tool for your PC or Mac. And yes, you can use it on your phone, tablet, or just about any web browser you can imagine. But the developers at Evernote aren’t happy simply creating and improving a single product. Instead, Evernote continually releases new fun and functional apps for computers and devices of all kinds.

This article introduces you to the five latest apps Evernote has made available to the masses. Not all apps are available for all devices, however—for example, Skitch is available only for Android, Mac, or iPad, and Evernote Hello is strictly iPhone. Hopefully you’ll find a new fun app that appeals to you—and if not, just wait a bit, and the Evernote muse may produce something just for you.

In this article, you’ll learn about the following new apps:

  • Skitch, an image editing and sharing program for Android, Mac, and iPad
  • Evernote Hello, an iPhone app that helps you add and manage your contacts in a new way
  • Evernote Food, an iPhone app that helps you remember great meals, where you had them, and who enjoyed them with you
  • Evernote Clearly, a tool that helps you remove the clutter from web pages so you can find what you need easily
  • Evernote Peek, an iPad app that enables you to create quiz questions that are displayed when you lift the cover of your iPad


Skitch is actually a third-party image annotation program (really, it’s more fun than it sounds) that makes it easy for you to add captions, lines, circles, thought bubbles, and more to the photos you capture and the sketches you draw. Skitch works with Evernote on your iPad, Android, or Mac computer.

You can find Skitch on the Evernote site, and Evernote will connect you to the Mac App Store, the Android App Market, or iTunes so that you can download the version you need. Skitch gives you a number of easy-to-use image editing tools (see Figure 1) you can use to enhance the photos you capture. You can also easily share the images you embellish with Skitch and share them in your Evernote notebook, on social media, or by emailing them to friends and family.

Figure 1 Skitch makes editing and adding notes and captions to your images a snap.

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