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Creating a New Cocoa Application

The first few steps of this section should seem familiar to you because in the previous hour we did some exercises to become familiar with the Xcode IDE and the various functions it performs. Throughout this section we’ll be writing some code, predicting the output, and running the code to verify the results.

To get started with a new Cocoa application, follow these steps:

  1. First, open up Xcode and when prompted create a new project. You should see a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 3.1.

    Figure 3.1 Creating a new Cocoa Application.

  2. Choose Cocoa Application as the template for the project and click Next. On the next screen (shown in Figure 3.2) you need to supply some information for your product. Use the information in Table 3.1 to fill out this form. Leave all the other values as defaults.

    Figure 3.2 Providing product information for a new Cocoa Application.

    Table 3.1 Form Values to Create a New Cocoa Application

    Form Field


    Product Name


    Company Identifier


    App Store Category


  3. When Xcode finishes building your new Cocoa Application, run it to make sure that you see a standard, empty window.

This is where the review starts, and we move on to covering new material and writing some actual code. If you don’t feel comfortable using Xcode to create new applications, you might want to go back to review the work we did in Hour 2, “Introduction to the Developer Tools,” before continuing on.

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