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Macworld/iWorld Expo Showcases Impressive iPhone Camera and Audio Accessories

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While attending the 2012 Macworld/iWorld Expo in San Francisco, Jason R. Rich, author of iPad and iPhone Tips & Tricks, discovered a handful of new iPhone 4/4s accessories and apps that improve the iPhone's ability to take photos, play audio, and help the iPhone owner in various other ways. Learn about some of these cutting-edge new products.
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At the January 2012 Macworld/iWorld Expo in San Francisco, much of what was showcased for the Apple iPhone evolved around improving the smartphone's picture-taking capabilities and the device's ability to play audio through headphones and/or external speakers.

Plus, as you'd expect, hundreds of iPhone cases and protective screen films were shown, along with tools for creating custom iPhone apps—no programming required.

Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

The iPhone 4s offers a powerful, built-in eight-megapixel camera that's designed to work with the phone's Camera and Photos apps (or other third-party photography apps). At the Macworld/iWorld Expo, two companies introduced small camera lens add-on accessories for the iPhone 4/4s that dramatically enhance its picture-taking capabilities, whether you use the Camera app or a third-party app, like Camera+, to snap photos or shoot video.

The OlloClip for iPhone is a tiny and versatile snap-on lens that fits over the phone's built-in lens, allowing users to shoot wide-angle, fisheye, or macro (extreme closeup) photos. When not in use, the durable little lens device easily fits in a pocket or purse, since it's less than one inch long and one inch wide. Yet, when the OlloClip is clipped onto the iPhone's rear-facing camera, the user's picture-taking capabilities are instantly enhanced.

Priced at $69.99, the OlloClip uses high-quality optical lenses, is extremely durable, and can be used with the iPhone in both photo and video mode. This is a highly useful accessory for everyone who enjoys taking pictures or shooting video on their iPhone.

iPro Lens showcased a slightly larger lens accessory that clips onto the iPhone 4/4s, transforming the smartphone into a more powerful point-and-shoot digital camera. The $199 iPro Lens package includes a custom-designed iPhone case, an attachable fisheye and wide-angle lens, as well as a handle (for holding the phone steady as pictures are being snapped). Technologically, the iPro Lens kit dramatically enhances the iPhone's picture-taking capabilities; however, for the same $199 investment, you can own a standalone point-and-shoot digital camera with even more-impressive photographic capabilities.

One picture-taking challenge that many iPhone users face is snapping photos of themselves as well as the background behind them. At Macworld/iWorld, a company called FastCap has solved this problem with the release of its iPole Mini ($24.95). Connect your iPhone onto one end of the pole, extend the adjustable arm outward, and capture a photo of yourself and other people with you, while simultaneously capturing the background with ease. The iPole extends from 11[nd]21 inches. FastCap also demonstrated its iDangle (from $19.95), a lanyard (cord) that allows you to wear your iPhone around your neck for quick access. Another version of the iDangle comes with a built-in headset ($29.95).

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