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Capturing Audio Notes in Evernote

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Katherine Murray, author of My Evernote, shows you how to record, save, and manage audio notes in Evernote, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
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Like this article? We recommend

Evernote is the wildly popular (and free!) note-taking utility that enables you to create and synchronize notes across all sorts of computers and devices. You might use your PC at work, your Mac at home, your iPad 2 when you're on the road, and your Android phone at the market; and in each case, you can easily add your notes to your Evernote notebook.

Evernote synchronizes the information you enter so that no matter where you check in next, using any of your computers or devices, your notebook will include the latest information you've added.

Capturing Ideas Your Way

When you think about adding notes to a notebook, you might think about typing text onto a page, but Evernote accepts notes in the broadest sense of the term. You can grab pictures and paste them on your pages, sketch hand-made drawings or diagrams yourself, clip content from the web, and record audio notes—whether those notes are your own verbal musings, the presentation at a meeting, or an interview you're preparing—and add them to your note pages.

You'll be able to record and save audio notes on any of the following computers and devices:

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • iPad
  • iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Blackberry
  • Android phone
  • Windows phone

The process for creating an audio note is similar whether you're using your computer or a mobile device like a smartphone. You begin by creating a new note and then choose the type of note (hint: Audio) you want to create.

For example, on the version of Evernote installed on your desktop, you click the New Note arrow and select New Audio Note (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 You start a new audio note on your desktop by clicking the New Note arrow and choosing New Audio Note.

If you're using your mobile device, you can begin a new audio note by launching Evernote and tapping + to start a new note. Next, tap the attachments icon and tap the microphone icon to begin recording (see Figure 2). On the iPod, shown here, a small red microphone appears, letting you know that recording is in progress.

Figure 2 On your mobile device, start a new note and tap the microphone to begin recording.

Different mobile devices can begin audio notes slightly differently, however. You can begin an audio note on the Windows Phone by tapping + to start a new note and then tapping the record icon (which resembles a cassette tap) at the bottom of the note window.

After you tap the record button, Evernote begins recording and continues to do so until you tap Stop. Some devices, like the Blackberry, enable you to listen to the recording so that you can decide whether you want to re-record it before saving it. Other devices, like the Android and iPod Touch, attach the recording to the new note automatically.

You can add a note title and any descriptive text you like and then tap Save, and Evernote saves the note to your current notebook.

One cool trick for iPhone Siri users: You can do the whole thing hands-free. Just tell Siri, for example, "Send an email message to Evernote," speak the note you want to send, and tell Siri "Send," when you're finished. The note is sent to your notebook and you didn't have to tap a thing. Sweet.

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